Cabine system

Creation of changing rooms and shower boxes in a Spa. The use of glass walls facilitates a perfect hygiene preserving the guest’s privacy.

Giotto: adjustable stand-off in AISI 316 steel

Private indoor staircase with supporting 8+8 mm glass and solid wood stairs without rise. "Giotto" offers stability and transparency despite a rather small stairway. 

Outdoor terrace with 10+10 mm glass parapets. Ø50 Giotto in AISI 316 steel makes similar outdoor installations possible. Environments gain lightness and visibility without compromising safety.

The Giotto stand-off was used for the glass parapets in the renovation of this old farmhouse with its country and ancient taste. It contributed to create the perfect mix between modern materials, like glass and steel, and rustic ones, like wood and marble, without losing sight of safety and design.

Light-tec steel sliding system with rectangular rail and exposed carriers

Light-tec system, installations in private homes. This steel system for sliding doors allows to save space creating a pleasant balance. A solution for both classic and modern environments.  

The versatility of the Light-tec system allows to create recessed, corner and wall-centered shower cabines.

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