HY-CO: level 5 door closer hydraulic hinge

HY-CO is the door closer hydraulic hinge guaranteed for a level 5 of corrosion according to the UNE-EN 1670:2007/AC2008 norm. It is specifically designed for humid and saline environments, saunas, spas where humidity is a constant component.
It is made in aluminium alloy by extrusion process with AISI 420 stainless steel rotation pins, A2 stainless steel screws and gaskets in PE material.

HY-CO is available as hydraulic, mechanic and free-pivoting type, with central or side plate and 180° glass-glass for glass thickness from 8 to 21.5 mm.

Its aspect easily matches with any environment.

Types available

Hydraulic hinge centered plate

Hydraulic hinge  side plate

Hydraulic hinge glass to glass

Free mechanic hinge centered plate

Free mechanic hinge side plate

Free mechanic hinge glass-glass

Technical features


Self-close: Starting from ±80° to 0°

Closing speed adjustment: YES

Stop: Block at 0° and ±90°


Self-close: NO

Closing speed adjustment: NO

Stop: Spring block at 0° and ±90°


Self-close: NO

Closing speed adjustment: NO

Stop: NO

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