M-Lock. Magnetic lock for swing glass doors.

It is a lock of extremely reduced dimensions. Thanks to its magnetic fields, which require no space for mechanical dynamics, the size of lock and strike is minimum.

The magnetic lock does not rely on mechanical components, such as latches or bolts typical of traditional locks. In this way the door opening and closing is soft and silent.

Easy use and installation: it is not necessary to disassemble the lock completely to position the latch according to the opening side of the door.

M-Lock is totally magnetic: its mechanisms do not block over time.

Made of CNC processed aluminium and available in 6 finishes:

  • Silver anodized aluminium
  • Polished aluminium
  • Similar stainless steel aluminium
  • Painted in matte white Ral 9010
  • Painted in matte black Ral 9005

Possible configurations:

  • Door with jamb strike
  • Door with glass strike
  • Privacy function
  • Handle only
  • With cylinder and double side key opening

M-Lock GO types:

  • Key-key
  • Key-knob option
  • With glass strike
  • With wall strike and glass receiver

M-Lock STOP types:

  • Privacy function with knob and coin-turn
  • Handle only
  • With glass receiver
  • With wall strike with door stop

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