iBox. Soft-closing sliding system for shower boxes

The iBox is the new sliding door system for shower box patented by GFS. With its strong alluminium profile, it allows the construction of glass shower cabins of big sizes.

iBox is equipped with the innovative “SOFTY”, an innovative system patented by GFS allowing the door to slow down back in a controlled way while opening and closing.

Exceptional ease of movement and silence.
Reduced distance between sliding door and fixed glass.
Minimum door size.
Self-regulating floor guide integrated in the floor barrier, GFS patent.
Watertight door closing.

Very quick assembly and adjustment.
Successfully tested with 200.000 opening and closing cycles.
Minimal design thanks to the reduced size and the absence of mechanical parts on sight.
Available in 24 exclusive finishes.


iBox is available as a kit with or without vertical adjustment profiles. It can be installed in a niche, in a corner and against a wall with three glass sides, creating unique, comfortable and tailor-made shower cabins.

The possibility to choose among several customized finishes make every project exclusive.

Softy: the patented system by GFS to slow down the door in a controlled way.

Thanks to this innovative system, the user can open and close the door without any effort whereas traditional systems require forcing the uncoupling of the braking system. As there are no coupling or uncoupling points, the system is completely silent. Thanks to its simplicity and reliability the system resists much longer than traditional systems. The slowing down is uniform and constant.

The system guarantees an exceptional reliability of the door also in case of limited dimensions.

Softy is the most compact slowing down system existing on the market. This allows the construction of a door of very reduced and minimum size. Thanks to the new coupling system between the sliding guide and the carriages, the movement of the door is extremely silent, precise and smooth, particularly suitable for children.

The self-regulating floor guide integrated in the floor barrier adapts autonomously to the glass thickness minimizing the oscillations and the vibrations of the door, eliminating the clearances and the noise due to the glass waviness while sliding. The minimum distance between the sliding door and the fixed glass is 11 mm.

Thanks to the combined action between the controlled slowing down system Softy and a particular profile applied on the glass thickness, it is possible to obtain the total water tightness of the system without using the normal transparent PVC seals: no unpleasant leakage of water from the shower cubicle.

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