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GFS Contract designs and creates innovative solutions for flat glass. Its fixing systems and patented accessories are made in Italy and they are developed and tested by our Research and Development department.

Its products satisfy the ideas and projects of architects, designers and contractors. GFS Contract also means research and innovation skills allowing to carry out custom-made projects studied and created to meet every specific need.

The solutions by GFS Contract are environmentally friendly and they guarantee hygiene and durability. They have an easy maintenance without losing their original qualities. They are perfect accessories for all those fields willing to combine design and technologies: fitness centres, spas, wellness centres, swimming pools, hotels, clinics, schools, museums and company headquarters.

Partition walls

Indoor and outdoor systems for fixed and mobile walls, and folding systems. These are the most suitable solutions for commercial spaces and offices. Systems for swing and sliding doors with or without frame, single or double door complete the range.

Cabin system

The “Cabine-Glass” system is a solution to create cabins, fitting rooms, changing rooms and full glass partitions.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors with single or double leaf and dragging panels, made of steel and aluminium, pocket or exposed doors: solutions to make every environment unique and refined.

Parapets and stairs

Floor profiles for inside or outside use, stand-offs, posts and rod or glass parapets: design solutions for modern and classical, commercial and residential environments.

Canopy systems

Glass and steel canopies are the ideal solution to cover the external parts of a building.

They guarantee transparency and elegance without reducing visibility and avoiding aesthetical impacts on the building architecture.

Handles and hinges

A range of handles for sliding and swing doors with a clean and essential design: a solution for every type of environment.

Hydraulic hinges with controlled self-closure suitable for multiple applications.

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