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T-Lock Pro.
Self-adjusting lock with lever for glass sliding doors.

It is an innovative system patented by GFS ensuring to not remain blocked inside a room, unlike traditional locking systems. 

The lock unlocks automatically from inside and outside thanks to an imperceptible micro-movement. 
Its essential and highly innovative design make it the undisputable protagonist in those environments where it is installed.
Handle and self-adjusting magnetic strike are completely concealed. The dragging lever comes out with a light touch. 

It is designed to have a single version for “right” and “left”. It is available with or without key. It is easy to clean. 

T-Lock Pro is made in AISI 304 stainless steel in the following finishes: satin, polished, opaque chrome.

T-Lock Pro with cylinder

T-Lock Pro without cylinder

Glass receiver

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