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Magnetic lock for frameless swing doors with or without ledge 

M-Lock GO

This type is recommended for swing doors without ledge. It is easy to be used and installed. Indeed it is not necessary to completely disassemble the lock to position the latch bolt depending on the opening side of the door. 

M-Lock is totally magnetic. The lock is equipped with mechanisms than don’t block in time.
With thumbturn/coin-turn
With cylinder
Only handle 


Is suitable for doors with ledge, strike on a jamb or ledge profile. Its size is extremely reduced. As magnetic fields don’t need space for mechanical dynamics, the overall dimensions of lock and strike are minimal. 

The magnetic lock doesn’t use any mechanical components, such as latches and bolts typical of traditional locks. In this way the opening and closing of the door is smooth and silent. 
With thumbturn/coin-turn
With cylinder
Only handle 

"M-Lock GO" and "M-Lock STOP" common features

It is made in CNC processed aluminium and available in 4 different finishes: 

- Silver
- Similar stainless steel 
- Polished chrome
- Matt black 
Possible configurations: 

- door with jamb strike, frameless or framed 
- door with glass strike 
- privacy function 
- only handle 
- with key-key cylinder or key-thumbturn cylinder

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