Cabine System 1 

The Cabine System in AISI 316 satin steel is suitable for shower cabins, toilets and fitting rooms. Here you can see two installations on different types of constructions. 

This installation was built in a pharmaceutical company in Lombardy having a space dedicated to fitting rooms/showers for the employees.

Cabine System 2

This second solution shows  how the system was used to create some toilets in a shopping centre in Rome. The coloured glass enhances the environment turning  this restroom into a pleasant space. 

“Infinity” series 

“Infinity” is the series of balustrade supports available in three versions: Top with floor anchoring, Y and Side with frontal anchoring.
The picture shows the installed supports surrounding the swimming pool with relaxation area in a private villa on the Iseo lake.

“N-Era” railing profile

N-Era is our newest railing profile in extruded aluminium merging elegance, aesthetics and the highest safety performances. Here you can see the profile installed in a building in Pescara. 

The use of glass makes the construction aesthetically pleasant without overlooking safety. 

“Giotto” stand-off

It is made in AISI 316 stainless steel and it is particularly suitable for outdoor installations. 

It is shown here in a special project in the city centre of Perugia where it covers a wall structure with lift. 

“N-Era” parapet

“N-Era” railing profile,
Safe: resistant to linear loads up to 3kN/m
Simple: ±1,5° adjustment/blocking system 
Unique: single profile for three applications. 

Stunning project realised in Giulianova in the province of Teramo in a private house enhancing the breathtaking view on the sea. 

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